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This Watercolor picture is based on China ink

A night view of HongKong in the 1910's

Eika.Kato's Watercolor

Welcome to Eika Kato's Gallery.
Eika Kato was watercolor landscape painter.
He was born in Fukui Japan on Apr 1, 1869 and die on Sep 14, 1942.

Stay as long as you like.

**********Horizontal picture**********

Fishing village Cherry blossom of Hodogaya HongKong1 HongKong2 HongKong3 HongKong4

HongKong5 HongKong6 HongKong7 St. John's Cathedral Temple of the Chinese phoenix Stone mason

Mass of stone Junk Shinto shrine River Rainy street Street

Farmhouse Cherry blossom Water mill's boat Seascape Seascape Junk

Farmhouse Botanical garden Botanical garden Restaurant of HongKong HongKong Farmhouse of Kanagawa

A night riverside Junk Seascape A night view of HongKong Junk Inlet

Ogura no Ike On the morning of winter Fishing Midsummer Victoria Harbour of Hongkong The front of RENGENOMIYA

NANKAIKANZEON KualaLumpur The Diet building KualaLumpur Rest house Landscape Landscape Landscape

Landscape Sulawesi(Celebes) Island Donggala harbor Landscape Hongkong Maritime house Store

Java's house

**********Vertical picture**********

Shipyard Junk Alley Mody's mansion house1 Mody's mansion house2 Junk Goddess of mercy Junk

Enjoy the evening cool Oharame Hanging picture Hanging picture Cart Singapore Country evening Battledore

SYOUKI (Devil-Queller) HINA (Doll of the Girls'Festival) SYOUKI (Devil-Queller) Scenery of China The harvest moon & hares Red & Yelow leaves, Owned by Mr Close in England Gods of a loving mother Houseboat in the rain



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